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Golf Links Inc. was founded on the principle that golf should be fun and affordable.  To achieve this simple principle, we design our courses to be architecturally sound, agronomically correct and economically feasible.


Our designs are modeled so that maintenance costs are reasonable, and the debt of the course is not a burden. All of our previous clients are still in business making reasonable profits.


We build courses that golfers enjoy and return to play. Our design 
philosophy revolves around making the golf course fit the site.The term "minimalist design" may have become popular by some of today's designers, but we have been practicing this design philosophy since we began building courses back in the 80's when many were moving millions of yards of earth.


Site selection is the single most important factor in building a quality golf course that is enjoyable for players of all levels. It is also a key to keeping course construction costs and long-term maintenance costs reasonable without sacrificing quality.

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